Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Day 16: Little Petra, Jordan

Day 16: Little Petra

Daytime High - 22 C at 2:00 pm

The morning was very lazy as we woke from our tents with the sun BEATING down on the goat hair walls. Let me tell you - no alarm clock is needed since it turns quickly into a sauna inside the tent. We got up, performed the standard morning rituals of brushing teeth, etc, and then headed for breakfast. Bread, my god, the Atkins Diet is officially calling my name.

We lazed around the lounge seats reading and enjoying the quiet atmosphere before boarding the bus to Little Petra.

Little Petra is so named because it is smaller than the "main" Petra, but still contains the structures carved into the sandstones as does it more famous counterpart. The history lesson told us that the area was used by a small Nabataean tribes around 100 AD (ie. 2000 years old). The area was along a trading route - the structures include temples, dining or living quarters and tombs. All were spectacularly carved right into the sandstone.
Temple at Little Petra
Vince Screwing Around in the Siq (Entryway)

One of the great things was that we were allowed to climb on all the structures (some were quite dangerous!), so we climbed the ancient staircases for great views down the siq (channel) into the area, and on the exit point. Oddly, we climbed this remote staircase only to find an active tea shop and souvenir vendor...amazing how you think you are alone, only to find an entrapeneur...
Sandstone colors on wall - beautiful
Our mugs over the canyon...

Little Petra has wet our appetite for Petra, which we visit tomorrow morning...

With our afternoon free, we settled down to do what we do best - sleep, eat, laundry and internet...ahh the life...

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