Sunday, September 13, 2009

YVR - Almost on our way...

YVR - the Vancouver airport. Voted by a popular travel magazine as being one of the "Best Places to Sleep on a Layover" - due to the long bench seats that don't have arms rests. At this point, I have to agree as I jealously look over at the girl curled up and sleeping through the time zones that we are about to fly through.

After a Milestones dinner with the Ma and Pa, Vince and I passed through Security with no issues and are currently waiting for our plane that is set to depart in 45 minutes...yet we have no plane at the Gate. As I have said many times before - flying and airports are the worst part of travel since you have no control over the "Air Gods".

Well - we are hanging in there waiting for our 9-hour "Movie-a-thon" to begin...

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